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why elf? Human Resources Management in 21st century
Elf 's consultants team is formed by psychologists with masters in organizational psychology and competitive management doubled with managerial practices in Romanian and multinational companies.
The new perspective brought by us in consultancy systems for Romanian business environment is built on principles and psychological methods successfully used in modern therapy and education.
From us, the managers will find not only a ready-to-use solution but they will become capable to understand by themselves their organization, its limits but even its unexplored potential. Any solution system are considered elf if they are:
Designed to be easy to use, simple but efficient.
Rigorously argumented, to be seen like logical and necessary about all participants in organizational processes.
Adapted to company’s particularities, teams’ and departments’ personality.

Elf 's Mission and Values
Elf  brings the knowledge closer to those people that build successful companies.
One of the significant problems that 21 century management is facing, arise from a limited understanding of employees skills, development potential and their desire for self achieving. We are convinced about it.
Creativity, performance and adaptability needed by all organizations in confrontations with today’s changes dynamics exists in the people which are part of it. We can prove it.
The performances of great companies are in the qualities of normal people. These qualities only need to be discovered, evaluated, interpreted and valued. We do it.
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